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GetShopper keeps your team’s work on-brand, on message, and on time. Innovative features make creating and sharing your work feel effortless.

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No double maintenance of data.
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Reach out to your customers directly on their phones


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Your app is scaling automatically  based on your needs

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We design and develop your App based on your requirements. No ugly templates! We make sure that your design reflects your brand identity.


Release and growth!

Our goal is to improve your shops value and to build loyal communities. Our experienced managers will support you in the rollout phase to ensure the best possible release.


Your personal Manager

You have your personal Growth Manager who helps you to identify new possibilities and improvements for your app.

Success stories


Elegance, tradition and modernity! Edelvetica a fashion brand for traditional swiss wear


Children's and baby accessories from Bumpli.
Awarded the German Innovation Award

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